Raise the Roof Movie Stills

Please credit the following movie stills with Copyright 2014 Trillium Studios.

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Still 1: Rick Brown holds the photo of Gwozdziec Synagogue that inspired them to reconstruct it.

Still 2: Rick and Laura Brown review details on photographs of the Polish synagogues that no longer exist.

Still 3: Judith Hanson carves a post for the Gwozdziec bimah.

Still 4: Laura Brown, Judith Hanson and Jason Loik check the positioning of a bimah post.

Still 5: Rick Brown and Jason Loik take measurements of the completed bimah in the studio at Handshouse.

Still 6: Nick Farnham using a pit saw to cut beams for the bimah in the studio at Handshouse.

Still 7: Barbara Kishenblatt-Gimblatt takes the filmmakers on a tour of the old Jewish cemetery in Warsaw.

Still 8: Rick Brown leads a group of timber framers (students and professionals) to the final site of the Polish bell tower.

Still 9: Rick Brown puts finishing touches on the Gwozdziec roof model.

Still 15: At the Sanok workshop in 2011, students and professionals lift a dimensional timber on to the log wall. 

Still 18: Students carve a slot into a dimensional  timber.

Still 21: Painting leaders and students working together to complete flowers on the north dome panel.

Still 24: Evelyn Tauben and Jason Bashaw paint the borders of the backward facing deer.

Still 26: Ariel Rosenblum painting the Hebrew text on a Gwozdziec ceiling panel.

Still 28: Jason Loik and Evelyn Tauben painting the backward facing deer in front of the tracings for the south dome.

Still 31: Jason Loik explains the direction of the brush strokes on flowers.

Still 35: Emily White  and Krista Lima paint the interior of the lantern with gesso.

Still 36: Emily White paints the lion for the east dome panel.

Still 37: Painting leaders and students paint a 30 foot long cove panel.

Still 38: Laura Brown installing a panel board during installation of the ceiling in the museum.

Still 39: Rick and Laura Brown and Jason Loik check the position and fit of the cove panels.

Still 40: The timber frame crew lift the lantern onto a platform before hoisting it into place in the roof.

Still 41: The crew placing a triangle section into place.

Still 42: Rick Brown and Jason Loik  install  painted panels.

Still 43: The Gwozdziec roof structure is hoisted into place using X chain falls.

Still 44: Jason Loik and Jacob Jensen celebrate the raising of the roof by placing a XXX tree at the top.

Still 45: Trim boards are attached on top of the seams between the dome and pendentive panels.

Still 46: Laura Brown measures a trim board made to cover the seams between the dome and pendentive panels.

Still 47: Painting the trim boards is the final step of the installation of the Gwozdziec roof and ceiling paintings.

Still 48: Jason Loik and Rick Brown steady the top of the bimah.

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