Archive of Science of Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) and Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences (PAU)
Three drawings from the series “Wooden synagogue in the town of Gwoździec,”  by Karol Maszkowski, 1894
AN PAN i PAU, sygn. PAU WI - 108, fot. nr 50

The Art Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Interior of Chodorow Synagogue
IS-PAN R0000026359 

Interior dome, Zhidachov Synagogue, photograph by Szymon Zajczyk. 
IS-PAN 0000174282n 

Polaniec Synagogue, drawing by St. Blonski 1927
IS PAN No. 121933 

Przedborz Synagogue, a painting. 
IS PAN No. 143376

Pilica Synagogue,View from the North-west
IS PAN No. 1596712 

Olkienniki Synagogue, Interior of the cupola. 
IS PAN No. 18657 b 

Zabludow Synagogue bimah, photograph by Szymon Zajczyk. 
IS- PAN No. 19209  

Kornik Synagogue, View from the south-west, photograph by . R. Ulatowski. 
IS-PAN No. PAN No. 159665 

Piaski Synagogue, View from the southwest. 
IS PAN No. 18709 

Wolpa Synagogue. Interior of vaulting, photograph by Szymon Zajczyk.  
IS PAN No. 19196 

Wolpa Synagogue, exterior view
IS PAN No. 233560 

Sniadowo Synagogue,view from the west. 
IS PAN No. 5903 B 

Suchowola Synagogue, photograph by Szymon Zajczyk. 
IS PAN No. 19141 

Gwoździec Synagogue
IS-PAN Negative No. Nr174277 

Zabludow Synagogue detail of gable. 
IS-PAN no.233572

Zabludow Synagogue, West elevation drawing.
IS-PAN ID: Piechotkas No. 13358 

Art Resources, New York    
“Harvest” by Vladimir Orlovsky (1842-1914) 
National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
Photograph by Alfredo Dagli Orti
Image number: ART425864 

“Harvest Worker” (detail) by Nikolai Pimonenko, (1862-1912) 
National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
Photograph by Alfredo Dagli Orti
Image number: ART425869 

“Wolpa, Poland”
The Jewish Museum, New York

Boston Public Library
Three etching from the book, “Historische, physische und öconomische Beschreibung des Waidtes” 
By Daniel Gottfried Schreber. 1752   
Call number 3843.13. 

Bridgeman Images
“South-East View of the Tabernacle” 
Private Collection© Look and Learn/Bridgeman Images
Image number: LLM664749

“Martyrdom of Simon at Trent, after a woodcut in 'Liber Chronicarum Mundi' “
Published Nuremburg, 1493 (woodcut), Wolgemut or Wolgemuth, Michael (1434-1519)”
Image number CHT 465700 

David Brandt    
Dresden Turkish Tent
Photograph © David Brandt

Das Bundesarchiv / German Federal Archives
German soldiers observe burning wooden synagogue in Lithuania during World War II, Dated 1941.
Image number Bild 183-L19427

German soldiers observe burning wooden synagogue in Lithuania during World War II, Dated 1941.
Image number Bild 1011-208-0041-04

Center for the Documentation in Sejny Borderland
Sejny Borderland Archipelago Foundation

“Jews of Galicia, Western,Ukraine,” 1821 

“Ukrainian Jews from Galicia Mukachevo”

Faculty of Architecture, Polish Warsaw University of Technology
From the Department of Drawing " Grodno synagogue - cross section - scale 1:50 " 
Ref. 1143. dated 1922.  

The German Historical Museum
Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin
"Entsatz von Wien am 12. September 1683"
Inv.-No.: Gm 92/10
Photograph by A. Psille

Event Communications, Ltd. 
“First Settlements”
“Forest Visual” 
“Shetlel Overview” 
“JP Visuals”

Getty Images    
Page from the book The Nuremberg Chronicle, by Hartmann Schedel, 1493. Artist: Michael Wolgemut
Image number: 464447525 (RM) 

Hällisch - Franconian Museum of Art and Cultural History
“Prayer hall interior, detail” by Elieser Sussman

Handhouse Studio
Obelisk in rotation 

Handhouse  crew carrying timbers
Image number: DSC_0030 

Making Zabludow model

Finished Zablulow model 

Wroclaw group photo 

Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Oy
Rendering of The Museum of the History of Polish Jews, view from above. 
Museum of the History of Polish Jews “Plaza”
Museum Floor Plan 

The Picture Alliance
“Dresden State Art Collections, Ottoman tent.”
by RALF HIRSCHBERGER/dpa /The Picture Alliance number:  10086132

Library of Congress    
“The tabernacle in the wilderness, and plan of the encampment.” Printed by John Henry Camp. 
File number: LC-DIG-pga 

Korporation Luzern
“Diebold-Shilling-Chronik” 1513

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science
“Margarita philosophic,” Strasburg 1508, Gregor Reisch

Museum of the City of Leipzig
“Die Polacken, Opitz”

Museum of the Lubomirski Princes at Ossoliński National Institute, Wroclaw, Pawlikowski Collection
“Carnage in Prague.” 1798 by Aleksander Orlowski (1777-1832) 

Museum of the Warsaw University of Technology
“Archival postcard 59”, Museum of the Warsaw University of Technology

National Archives in Krakow, Wawel Castle  (Must use logo)
Rejestr osób żydowskich w parafii zasławskiej na pogłówne spisanych r. 1764.
Archiwum Narodowe w Krakowie, Archiwum Sanguszków, sygn ASand rkps 1023/82d.
(The register of the Jewish people in the parish Zasławskiej written in 1764.)

National Archives and Records Administration, Iraqi Jewish Archive
“A Zohar from 1815—a central text of kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), with a hand-drawn page.”
“Livorno 1815 Zohar al ha-torah,” Published in Livorno, Italy
UR: http://shfg.org/shfg/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/2035-Zohar-lores-.jpg

National Archives and Records Administration
World War II footage of the German invasion of Poland, 
The devastation of Warsaw and civilians return to Warsaw. 
NARA numbers: 11 FB 48 R1; 111 OF 2  R4 & R5; 111 M 527-59 R2; 242 MID 3919 R3

National Center for Jewish Film at Brandeis University
“Battle for Survival,” archival footage. 

National Library of Israel
Illustration from “Portae Lucis,” the 1516 Latin translation of
Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla’s (1248 -1305) work Sha’are Orah- Gates of Light. 

National Library of Warsaw
“Buying on Sabbath,” 1830 by A. Goldberg, Lithograph produced by George Schafner.
Signature: G.24025/II

National Museum Krakow, Princes Czartoryski Foundation    
“Koncert,” 1778, by Jan Piotr Norblin de la Gourdaine (1745-1830)
Item number: XV-Rr.1163

National Museum Krakow
“Pohrebyszcze, general view of the village” by Napoleon Orda, 1872.
Inventory number: MNK III- R.A. - 2897

“Jewish merchants by the church,” by Aleksander Orlowski (1777-1832) 

National Museum Warsaw
“The pogrom of Jews, in Warsaw for Seweryn, December 26, 1881,” 
by Jan Stanisławski (1860-1907). 
Inventory number: Rys.Pol.3882

“Wedding party,” by Wincenty Smokowski (1797-1876) 

The Old Synagogue, The Historical Museum of the City of Kraków
“Yom Kippur in the Old Synagogue in Krakow.” 1870-1875 by Jan Kanty Hruzik

Scientific Library of Polish Academy of Sciences and Polish Academy of Sciences (PAU)
“Lamentation over the death of credit,” 1655. 

“Przedborz synagogue, Interior looking at eat wall,” Photo by A. Szyszko-Bohusz 1926.

The Royal Castle in Warsaw
“Miodowa Street, ”Painting by Bernardo Bellotto known in Poland as Canaletto.
photo by Andrzej Ring & Lech Sandzewicz

 Royal Castle, National Museum Warsaw
“The Republic at Zenith of Power. Golden Liberty,” from the series "History of Civilization in Poland"; Election A.D. 1573 by Jan Matejko (1838–1893): Oil; canvas; 72.5 x 113. Painted 1889
Photo © Copyright by Ligier Peter / National Museum in Warsaw
Sheldon Stern
“A Rabbi at the wooden synagogue of Jablonow,” 1897 by Isidor Kaufmann 

Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Alois Breier’s Collection
Photographs and drawings of the Gwoździec synagogue from the Alois Breier’s Collection. 

Timber Framers Guild
Architectural drawings of the Gwoździec synagogue roof and ceiling. 

Cary Wolinsky, Trillium Studios
“The Turtle” the Revolutionary War submarine during reconstruction.  Dugout log pieces take shape at Handshouse Studio.
Image number DSC_0685.jpg. 

The “Turtle” reconstructed by Handshouse Studio is launched in Duxbury harbor.
File title: Turtle launch1 

Rick Brown in “The Turtle” the reconstructed Revolutionary War submarine.
File title: Rick in Turtle 

Perronet Crane
Image number: Slide67  

Yad Vashem
Portrait of Symon Zajczyk
Letters and Postcard, Yad Vashem Archives, Number: 75616, Archival signature:  5531

YIVO Institute for Jewish Research,  Moldovan Family Collection
“At the Goose Market,”  1869 by Unger wg obrazu Aloisa Schona (1826-1897)
YIVO number:  2098i10

"Juifs Polonaise. Paysans et Mineurs del la Haute - Silesie a l'embarcation d'une Mine," by August Jakob Theodor Von Heyden. Etching, c. 1862–1867. Printed by Delâtre, Paris. Published by A. Cadart and F. Chevalier, Paris.
YIVO number: Moldovan1_078

"Lithuanian Jewess" by Henry Dawe.  Illustration from Robert Johnston, Travels through Part of the Russian Empire and the Country of Poland, along the Southern Shores of the Baltic (London, 1815)
YIVO number: Moldovan5_102


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