We successfully raised the needed funds to put Raise the Roof on the Jewish Film Showcase
now airing on PBS stations around the country.
Thank you from Yari, Cary and Babs Wolinsky

We are still hoping to stream Raise the Roof on Neflix, Amazon, and other platforms.
Your donation now will help to make this happen.

Here is how you can make a contribution

You may click on the button below to make your tax deductible contribution. 


Or you may send a check made out to
"Handshouse Studio Film Project" to:

Handshouse Studio
8 Meadow Farms Way
Norwell, MA 02061

Be sure to write "Raise the Roof" in the check’s memo line.

Handshouse Studio, a 501(c)3, a Private Foundation, is authorized as a “fiscal sponsor”  to receive your tax deductible contribution on behalf of the Raise the Roof Film Project. Handshouse Studio's 501(c)3 tax ID is 043 715 575. Handshouse does not charge Trillium Studios a fee of its fiscal sponsor services.  

For Donor Advised Funds, please send your tax deductible contribution to:
The National Center for Jewish Film
Brandeis University, Lown 102, MS 053
Waltham, MA 02454-9110

Please have the check made out to National Center for Jewish Film.

Be sure to write "For the account of Raise the Roof" in the check’s memo line.

The National Center for Jewish Film, a 501(c)3, Public Charity, is authorized as a “fiscal sponsor” to receive your tax deductible contribution on behalf of the Raise the Roof  film project. NCJF is qualified to receive contributions from Donor Advised Funds. The National Center for Jewish Film’s 501(c)3 tax ID is 04-276-4044. 
The National Center for Jewish Film charges a fee of 5% for its fiscal sponsor services.  

What is American Public Television?  
American Public Television (APT) has been a leading syndicator of high-quality, top-rated programming to the nation’s public television stations since 1961. For more than 10 years, APT has annually distributed one-third or more of the top 100 highest-rated public television titles in the U.S. Among its 300 new program titles per year, APT programs include prominent documentaries, news and current affairs programs, dramas, how-to programs, children’s series, and classic movies.  Our contacts at APT are particularly excited about the possibility of airing Raise the Roof as part of WORLD, public television’s premier news, science, and documentary channel. 

Underwriting Raise the Roof on PBS
Much of what you see on PBS is made possible by the generosity of donors who are able to offer major support. But, it was hundreds of small donations that made Raise the Roof possible and we want to demonstrate that underwriting the broadcast of a film can be funded by small donations as well. Your donation in any amount will help us put Raise the Roof into the Public Broadcasting System. 

How Much is Needed and When?
The total amount we need to guarantee Raise the Roof will be available for broadcast on PBS stations is $38,500. Your donation in any amount will help us reach that goal.

Donors who give $5,000 or more will receive prominent, on-screen credit every time the film is broadcast. 

If you would like to help underwrite Raise the Roof on PBS, please make your donation no later than January 25, 2017. All funding must be in place at American Public Television by February 1, 2017 for Raise the Roof to be eligible for broadcast in September or October of 2017. 

How Will the Funds Be Used?
100% of your donation will be used to pay for a portion of the expenses of preparing Raise the Roof to meet APT/PBS specifications and to syndicate the film to PBS stations for broadcast. The expenses include American Public Television’s service fees, insurance, legal fees, intellectual property license upgrades, and technical refinishing of the film to meet broadcast specifications. 

You can help make this happen!  Raise the Roof has been featured at more than 100 festivals and events around the world including in Berlin, Barcelona, Chicago, Haifa, Hong Kong, Houston, Johannesburg, London, Melbourne, New York, Palm Beach, San Francisco, Stockholm, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington, Warsaw and many more. At every screening people would ask, “When will it be on PBS?”  The answer is now. We are very close to making broadcast on PBS a reality. Please help make it happen!