Gwozdziec Reconstruction Book


Gwozdziec Reconstruction Book

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64 pages, full color with 12 pages showing the painted ceiling panels and a fold out of the whole ceiling.  Only available at POLIN Museum and online.

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By Rick and Laura Brown with Penny Schwartz

During the 17th and 18th centuries, a unique style of wooden synagogues blossomed across the countryside of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Some of the nearly 200 of these wooden synagogues boasted breathtaking interiors with towering cupolas that were painted with vivid imagery in luminous colors. The Gwoździec synagogue was among the most magnificent. During the Second World War, all of the great wooden synagogues were burned to the ground by the German occupiers. Now, in a bold partnership between the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland and Handshouse Studio, an American educational organization, a nearly full-scale replica of the roof and painted interior cupola of the Gwoździec synagogue has been created as the centerpiece of the Core Exhibition of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. The replica was built and painted using traditional tools, methods, and materials. The pages of this guide and its compendium of up-close photographs immerse readers in the behind-the-scenes improbable journey that has brought this resplendent synagogue back to life. 

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