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There is a fee for all screenings based on the information supplied below and a request for guest speakers.

How many times do you plan to screen the film? A fee is charged for each screening.
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Tips for arranging a screening of Raise the Roof

DATE: Please give us at least 60 days notice when selecting your screening date. This will insure you have time to make payment and receive and test media.

MEDIA: Raise the Roof is available on DVD, Blu-ray and DCP (digital cinema projection). For DVD or Blu-ray project, your fee includes the disc which will not need to be returned to us. The DCP thumb drive, if requested, will be delivered with a return envelope for return shipping.

When possible, we recommend screening the film from DCP (DCP is a commercial theater quality projection system). If your theater has a DCP projector, the image quality difference certainly makes it worth requesting Raise the Roof in the DCP format. If this is not available, we suggest projecting from Blu-ray disk. We have seen that projecting from Blu-ray renders a significantly better image than projecting from DVD.

Contact Us if you have questions about format.

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GUEST SPEAKERS: Depending on the date and location, the filmmakers or project participants may be available. There is a fee per person plus expenses if travel is outside the Boston area. Contact Us for details.

Depending on the date and location, Rick and Laura Brown (featured in the film) may be available. Please contact them at Handshouse Studio.

FEE AND LICENSE: Upon receiving the information on this form, we will send you an acknowledgement, license, and fee.

We recommend you make payment at least 30 days in advance of screening to insure you have time to receive shipment of film and test it on your projection system.

Payment may be made by check to Trillium Studios or by credit card. Please notify us if you wish to pay by Credit Card and we will send you a payment link.

PROMOTION: We promote all the screenings on our site unless requested not to. Please provide us with all pertinent information—date, time, place, sponsors. If there is a ticket price, please provide link to online purchasing.

MERCHANDISE: Please let us know if the Guest Speakers may sell merchandise including the DVDs, books and posters at the screening.